015 How to Create More Impact – Martin Brooks

Written by on June 4, 2018

Impact. It’s what makes the best communicators and executives so effective. Is it possible for you and I to learn the same skills that allow world leaders, politicians and business moguls to win over hearts and minds in order to advance our careers, scale our businesses or close that next big deal? It is entirely possible, and these skills can be learned and put to use by even the shyest employee.

Martin Brooks has over three decades of experience working in every aspect of sales and has spent the last six years running his own training consultancy. Martin is known as the “Impactologist,” studying how human beings can create more impact through verbal and nonverbal communication.

In this episode, Martin discusses the traits and habits of some of the world’s best communicators, why it’s worth the time and effort to hone our communication skills to create more impact, and how even the most introverted people can become as captivating and persuasive as their more outgoing counterparts with a little practice.


(2:24) – Defining “impactologist” and how Martin arrived at his unique vocation.

(6:26) – Contrasting “impactful” with “persuasive” and how the two interact with and augment one another.

(8:13) – The most impactful speakers Martin has studied, what we can learn from their techniques, and breaking down Barack Obama’s speeches.

(11:47) – How to work these persuasive and impactful techniques into your everyday job.

(13:37) – How to be impactful when you can’t afford to rock the boat too much.

(16:50) – How introverts can use nonverbal cues and techniques to be as impactful in the office as extroverts.

(19:12) – Martin’s free gift: the Triple Technique.

(24:05) – Listener Sienna asks how she can improve a strained relationship with her boss or if it’s just time to move on.



“The big difference between business and sport is that in business there’s no prize for coming second.”

“There isn’t a magic ingredient to what he’s doing, there’s no pixie dust, there’s nothing ethereal. It’s actually measurable behavioral things.”

“Impact is not something that’s preserved for the privileged few. It’s something that ordinary people can learn and use to their advantage.”

“Without the confidence, we can know what to do and have that in our heads but not actually have the courage to step up and say it.”

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