If you want to learn the secrets to balancing work and family while excelling in your career, then you need to meet Grant Baldwin! The former Bible College graduate and youth pastor, Grant is now an accomplished speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur and “just a guy trying to make a dent in the world.” Most importantly, he […]

In this week’s episode, Mark shares the keys to reinventing your career after an unexpected layoff. The reality is that sometimes things just don’t work out. Whether due to layoffs,  restructuring or even an injury, a well-planned and fulfilling career can come to an end in an instant. How do we recover from these shake-ups […]

Crafting a compelling and powerful personal brand is critical to manifesting professional success. While a well-crafted resume is good at listing your experience and qualifications that tell employers the story of your work history, there’s a limit as to how well it can communicate the story of who are and what you can bring to […]

In this week’s episode, Morgan Field shares the 3 keys to corporate (and life) success. In our conversation we uncover why focus, curiosity and authenticity are some of the critical traits shared by people who are succeeding in their careers and lives. Through the stories that Morgan shares about her early years as a professional, […]

This week’s show is all about Truth, Lies, and Deception in the Workplace. Sounds dramatic, I know. But when we stop to think about it, every career decision we make is based on what we believe to be true about our company, our career path, our skill set, our growth potential, our compensation, our boss… […]

These days it’s pretty easy to apply to jobs, but not nearly as simple to land the job you want most. As today’s guest explains, there are three keys to a successful job search. Let’s say you’re looking to change your career. Maybe you’re thinking of quitting, perhaps you’ve been laid off, or you’ve just […]

Negotiation is a critical skill. We all know it, and many of the most powerful people in the world have mastered this art. However, the fear of rejection can be a powerful deterrent that holds us back from asking for what we want in our careers. But what if there was a way to break […]

Which red flags should you look out for before you accept your next job? What responsibilities do companies bear in keeping their employees engaged at work? What perspective and attitude should young professionals have when entering the workforce or joining a new company? This second episode of The Job Lab Podcast takes a closer look at ways […]

In Episode One of The Job Lab Podcast I spoke with Chris Dorris, a mental toughness coach that has truly impacted my life. I first met Chris when I was just out of college and found myself a fledging punter trying to stick in the NFL. As an NFL Combine invitee, I knew I had […]

Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn our passion into a lucrative career? How great would it be to make the one thing that we’re naturally the best at and interested in the vehicle we use to make money and live life on our terms? Well, we can, and that’s what E001 is all […]

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