Dr. Lynn Marie Morski holds many titles: she’s a physician in both sports and family medicine, an attorney, and former adjunct law professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. A self-described “quitting evangelist,” Lynn Marie is the author of Quitting by Design and host of the Quit Happens podcast. In this episode, Lynn Marie […]

John Hinkle is a life/business coach, mastermind leader, and the author of Shift: Moving From Where You Are to the Life You Want. Through his S.H.I.F.T. Principles, he helps the “working worried” and other career-driven people who’ve found themselves stuck in a rut take control of their goals and build a workable life plan. For […]

The 4-day seminar Nick attended in Nashville last week has him thinking about the importance of language and crafting a narrative for our personal and professional lives. Even if we aren’t actively thinking about the words we use, they can end up influencing how people perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. In the last […]

Lindsay Ibis is a fitness and nutrition coach who trains her clients under the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. Lindsay made her way into personal fitness coaching after nearly a decade working for Target’s corporate division and a brief stint as an assistant preschool director.  A self-described “recovering perfectionist,” she holds her work and […]

Nick’s had a very busy week, having been in Nashville since Sunday. While the experience has been exciting, it’s also left him feeling exhausted, seeing as how he’s had to balance the trip with family life and setting up plans for next year. It’s a stressful time, to say the least. In this week’s minisode, […]

David Schwendiman is an international business coach who works with both organizations and individuals, helping to empower them and build the careers that they previously only dreamed of. He knows that there are right and wrong ways to pursue a side-hustle and is happy to dispense with some tips so you can take up your […]

They say that victory lies in preparation, be it planning, acquiring the necessary skills and connections, or having the right resources. But even the most methodical planners might lack the certainty that they can accomplish what they’ve set out to do. This confidence may be the surest sign that everything is in its right place […]

Laura Rupp is a career advisor based in Cincinnati who runs a consulting firm aimed at high school students and recent graduates. A former philosophy major and lifelong seeker of answers, she believes everyone has a chance at success as long as they understand themselves and know what they want to achieve. She knows that […]

Nick was approaching the end of the writing process for his upcoming book, Unboxed, when sickness walloped his family. In his struggle to balance writing, his company and this podcast with tending to his family’s needs, he realized the measures you’ll need to keep on track if life throws you a curveball when you least […]

Josh McLean is a financial analyst and continual learner who lives with his family in Portland, OR and finds energy and drive through self-improvement. Success and stability have not always been a staple of Josh’s life, having struggled with anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency, and even a brain injury in the previous two decades. But […]

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