019 How to Build a Successful Side Hustle – Tony Whatley

Written by on July 30, 2018

What if I could teach you how to build a successful side hustle? You’d probably have a few questions. How should I craft my side hustle idea into a workable business plan and tailor it to my personal goals? Luckily, today’s guest and I have answers to many of your most pressing questions.

Tony Whatley is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and startup mentor. The co-founder of automotive website LS1Tech.com, author of SideHustle Millionaire, and a car fanatic himself, Tony has grown multiple side businesses into lucrative ventures that have enabled him to recently walk away from his day job altogether.

In this episode, Tony and I discuss the merits of a good side hustle, how to give your entrepreneurial ideas focus and drive, and why side gigs will always be a thing.


(2:39) – What prompted Tony to write his book and why he believes side gigs are still relevant.

(4:09) – Why do so many of Tony’s clients pursue side businesses?

(6:28) – The reason so many people are reluctant to roll the dice on a side hustle.

(8:00) – How to create a support “tribe” to back you up on your side business.

(10:42) – Online resources aspiring side-entrepreneurs should check out.

(13:15) – How to shape your innovative entrepreneurial ideas into something practical and viable.

(16:10) – Using goals to orient your vision and drive your gig forward.

(19:49) – Tony’s advice for anyone who wants to start a side business purely as a passion project.

(21:38) – Tony’s favorite business models he would recommend to would-be side hustlers.

(23:55) – Tips and tricks for prototyping/providing a physical product as opposed to a service for your side gig.

(27:31) – Should side-hustlers be concerned about their primary employers finding out about their gigs?

(36:00) – Tony discusses his free giveaway!

(38:54) – Tammy from Toronto inquires about the proper resume length in this week’s listener question.


“I’ve felt like I’ve basically lived a dual career for the last twenty years.”

“When you work for somebody else, basically your career, your livelihood, the dependence of your family, is all based on one person’s decision a lot of the time.”

“Would you go on a parachuting expedition on an airplane without a parachute?”

“Don’t take advice from people who don’t have the same level of risk tolerance as you.”

“I kind of enjoy just proving people wrong. If they say I can’t do something, I just try even harder to go prove them wrong.”

“You’ll find that, largely, successful people are willing to share advice.”

“If you just kind of look at things individually it’s a lot less overwhelming, it’s a lot less anxious.”

“A lot of these peoples start their businesses without a financial goal in mind and that’s kind of like wandering through the forest without a map.”

“Whatever time you spend going the wrong direction, you basically double that time in your life.”

“I’m going for the full-package entrepreneur.”

“I don’t really deal with excuses. I help people process around those excuses and keep them motivated.”

“Ultimate success is just having the ultimate amount of options available to use whenever you want.”

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