002 How to Spot Red Flags Before Accepting a Job – John Staup

Written by on March 5, 2018

Which red flags should you look out for before you accept your next job? What responsibilities do companies bear in keeping their employees engaged at work? What perspective and attitude should young professionals have when entering the workforce or joining a new company? This second episode of The Job Lab Podcast takes a closer look at ways we can improve our careers from both sides of the employment coin.

John Staup is a talent acquisition leader with more than a decade of experience hiring and training the very decision makers who often decide our fates at work. In our conversation, John gives us insight into the minds of recruiters and HR leaders.

Specifically, we discuss how individual employees can make a name for themselves inside of a large company, and the steps one can take when they find themselves falling out of love with their job. Finally, we cover the difficulties companies face trying to balance technology and human interaction.


(4:00) – Why and how the philosphy of talent acquisition has changed over the last decade.

(4:50) – How talent acquisition differs from HR in purpose and methods, and how the two departments interact.

(7:00) – John discusses his recent career change and how it affected his attitude toward the way companies hire people.

(10:10) – How do companies actually keep employees engaged and believing in what they do?

(13:35) – The benefits of being picky with the jobs you choose.

(14:55) – The red flag job-seekers need to look out for when researching companies.

(17:20) – The importance of mentorship and how you can find a mentor at work.

(21:10) – How to land a new job at your existing company, and how to go about putting your name out there.

(28:10) – Why you shouldn’t settle for an all-purpose resume.

(31:00) – How can job seekers best deal with rejection?


“Make sure that whatever role out there you’re considering is truly representative a career move for yourself.”

“It is at the feet of every single person in the organization to build an environment that fosters engagement.”

“Dig in, do your homework, research the company, research the industry.”

“What separates the cream from the crop nowadays… is emotionally intelligent people.”


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