E0 – Welcome to The Job Lab

In Episode 0 we talk all about the brand new Podcast. Nick discusses the format of the show, what the show is and who it’s for. He then discusses the types of guests and their various expertise, and how it relates to the core mission to inspire and teach hard working professionals how to live the life of your dreams by teaching you how to build a career that you love.

In this episode we learn a lot about our host, Nick Murphy. From his early years, through his NFL career and into his first startup which catapulted Nick into the jobs and careers space. We touch on his family life and even listen to him forget how old his kids are.

We learn about his successful career in the corporate sector at CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed, and what led him to go back out on his own as an entrepreneur and Podcast Host.

The episode closes with the vision and expectations that Nick has for himself as your host and his responsibility to provide great show content each and every week.

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