008 Reinventing Your Career After an Unexpected Layoff – Mark Asher

Written by on April 16, 2018

In this week’s episode, Mark shares the keys to reinventing your career after an unexpected layoff. The reality is that sometimes things just don’t work out. Whether due to layoffs,  restructuring or even an injury, a well-planned and fulfilling career can come to an end in an instant. How do we recover from these shake-ups and take a much-needed turn when a brick wall is thrown in our path?

Mark Asher was once the co-host of Gambo and Ash, the longest-running sports talk radio show in the history of Arizona. After a major and unexpected shakeup in his career, he is now a successful financial planner as well as a partner and co-owner of Southwest Wealth Strategies. Mark has used his position in the community to raise millions of dollars for charities, with beneficiaries including the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the 100 Club of Arizona.Mark Asher The Job Lab Podcast Episode 8

In The Job Lab’s first face-to-face interview, Mark discusses how he was able to build his successful broadcasting career and, more importantly, how he was able to reinvent himself when that was all taken away. This deep and personal discussion delves into his career change, his fears, his positive mindset, his challenges, and of course, some great sports stories. If you’re considering changing your vocation and forging a new path, or you want to know what to do if the decision has been made for you, this episode is for you.


(4:35) – Mark delves into the beginnings of his broadcasting career, going from high school announcements, to college radio, to a DJ at a local station.

(9:28) – Mark’s surprise at being OVERqualified for the first radio station position he applied to professionally, and his month-long crusade to prove he was the right fit for the job.

(13:15) – The fulfillment of recording the Gambo and Ash show, meeting sports heroes and himself becoming a hero to other sports fans.

(18:20) – July 20th, 2011: The day it all changed for Mark. From the unexpected end of his radio career, to drowning his sorrows, to waking up with a clear mind, all in the span of a day.

(25:25) – Why Mark saw being let go as a sign, and why he didn’t want to stick with radio regardless of the circumstances.

(30:30) – The phone call that launched the second stage of Mark’s career, and why WHO he knew mattered more than WHAT he knew.

(37:48) – Mark’s advice for those trying to break into a new career without the same connections he had.

(43:35) – The most surprising part of Mark’s journey and the importance of the relationships you build with clients.

(48:54) – Who Mark admires the most and why he values that kind of person.

(53:30) – Mark’s validating conversation with former Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo.



“I didn’t know what I wanted, I just knew I didn’t want to work at midnight anymore on a Saturday night. I like to have a life.”

“[My radio career] is something I’ll never regret, even though it came to a screeching halt.”

“I loved meeting the people who would come up to me and say ‘Dude, you make my drive home so much better.’ That’s rewarding!”

“It got to the point where our show was so popular and carried so much wait, guys knew they HAD to come on.”

“The one thing I never wanted to do was hang on.”

“I’m doing well, and I’m building for the future, and I own it.”

“Do something while you build up something else.”

“Sometimes you gotta step outside that comfort zone to get to where you want to be. There’s not a lot of people in this world who are filthy rich working for someone else.”

“Grinders grind.”

“Don’t be afraid to set your goal higher than you think you can get.”

“If you feel like you can take that chance to recreate yourself and reinvent yourself, do it.”



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