004 Three Keys to a Successful Job Search – Julie Bauke

Written by on March 19, 2018

These days it’s pretty easy to apply to jobs, but not nearly as simple to land the job you want most. As today’s guest explains, there are three keys to a successful job search.

Let’s say you’re looking to change your career. Maybe you’re thinking of quitting, perhaps you’ve been laid off, or you’ve just decided that eventually you need to move on and find your passion. When the time comes to get serious about finding something new, you’ll probably be tempted to take the shotgun approach: Apply to several jobs and call up your connections to see who they know that’s hiring. Before you do that, however, take a listen to what a seasoned career coach says are the most common black holes and dead ends you’re likely to encounter on the job hunt.

My guest, Julie Bauke is an executive career coach who has spent more than two decades helping people navigate career changes and orchestrate successful job-change roadmaps. In our conversation with Julie, we discuss three of the most common job search mistakes and how you can avoid them.

In our conversation, Julie also highlights the importance of having a plan before you begin searching for a job and we dive deep into three of the most common errors she has seen people make over the course of her long career. 


(2:15) – How Julie’s position in human resources shaped her approach to her current role as an executive career coach.

(5:45) – Julie discusses her book, how she came up with its unique title, and what pushed her to write it.

(7:30) – The first mistake people commonly make on their job search, and what questions you should be prepared to answer.

(13:00) – The second most common mistake, and why you need to put yourself front and center during your job search.

(18:40) – Overcoming our fear of saying no and learning to establish our personal profile and career preferences.

(20:15) – How to take advantage of these strategies even if you plan on staying at your current job.

(22:25) – The third most common mistake, and why relying solely on technology isn’t enough when job searching.

(22:30) – Why we misunderstand recruiters, their skills, and their role.

(30:00) – Why Julie deeply admires the women’s movement of the 1970s.


“We give them the path, the strategy and the support to get from here to where they’re trying to go.”

“You can make [your job search] less painful if you do it right. It’s like anything else!”

“You are a different person professionally, and personally too, than you were five years ago, ten years ago and certainly fifteen years ago.”

“Getting really clear on who you are and what you want is absolutely critical.”

“People hire people. They don’t hire attachments, downloads or pieces of paper.”

“You need to take control of your career in a way that shows you understand that you own it.”


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