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Written by on February 27, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn our passion into a lucrative career? How great would it be to make the one thing that we’re naturally the best at and interested in the vehicle we use to make money and live life on our terms? Well, we can, and that’s what E001 is all about.

We all start off with lofty dreams of how we want to spend our life and how we want our career to be, but society’s expectations and our own conditioning can often compel us to settle for less. The first major step to achieving our dreams is finding a way to make them feasible and actionable.

Chris Dorris is a mental toughness coach who’s worked with elite leaders in both business and athletics. He sees his life’s purpose as helping people close the gap between what their life is what they prefer it to be. He knew coming out of college what he wanted his career or vocation to be about, but he wasn’t sure what bliss he wanted to chase, which compelled him to help others find theirs.

In this first episode of The Job Lab, Chris discusses how to move past beliefs that are limiting ourselves in our jobs so we can all experience our careers on our own terms. We also talk about his challenging background and how he was able to take his passion and marry it to a lucrative and successful career.


(5:00) – Chris discusses his family’s struggles early in his life and how his joyful neighbors inspired him.

(6:25) – How to take advantage of unexpected moments and turn potential setbacks into a new path.  

(9:40) – The two big questions: what is it you love to do? and how can you be successful pursuing it? 

(14:22) – Avoiding seeing your desires as impossible, instead trying to explore them.

(20:25) – Separating your desires and dreams from the societal conditioning holding you back.

(22:00) – Why even the smallest steps taken toward your dream are important.

(27:01) – What do very successful people have going on between their ears?

(30:28) – How people can transcend doubt by maintaining strong expectations for themselves.

– And much more!


“For whatever combination of reasons, I had the courage to decide after college to not just go take a job for money, and to not just take a job because it was available.” – Chris Dorris

“I wanted to help people upgrade the way they’re using their lives… I wanted to help people not settle.” – Chris Dorris

“Open up to the possibility that you can have it the way you want it.” – Chris Dorris

“I’ve always feared regret just a little bit more than I fear failure.” – Nick Murphy


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Chris Dorris Website: www.christopherdorris.com

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“Stop It” YouTube Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow0lr63y4Mw

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